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Thermal Labels

Thermal Labels

What are Thermal Labels? 

Thermal labels are labels made of thermal paper used for applications where labels are required to be printed individually on a regular basis with generally different information on each.

Many industries require these labels to print information such as addresses, barcodes, or product prices and descriptions. They can also be used ad dispatch labels, shipping labels, warehousing labels, date labels, and barcoding labels.

What is Thermal Printing?

Thermal printing is the process of printing with a thermal printer that uses heat in order to produce the image on paper instead of toner or ink.

The benefits of this type of printing can be seen across various industries, including airline, entertainment, banking, grocery, retail, and healthcare industries. It produces quality and durable prints; it is rather fast and has numerous technological advances, which make it a very popular option.

Types of Thermal Labels

Depending on the application of the label, there are two types of thermal labels that can be used - Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer.

The first ones, the direct thermal labels, are printed with a thermal printer without the use of a thermal ribbon. Even though they are usually recommended for short-term use, our direct thermal labels at L.G. Business Systems are durable and with premium quality.

The second ones, thermal transfer labels, are printed with a thermal printer but with the use of thermal ribbon. Because the thermal ribbon is included in the creation of prints, it is the more expensive option of the two types. However, they produce labels with more extended durability. 

Are Thermal Labels Compatible for Use with Different Printers?

Our extensive range of thermal labels is compatible with use in many different printers, such as Zebra, Epson, Cognitive, Datamax, Brother, Toshiba, Citizen, etc. We stock both Thermal Direct (no ribbon required) and Thermal Transfer (ribbon required) in different sizes and colours. Our ready-made labels come in either 25mm, 40mm, or 76mm core sizes. The number of labels per roll can be custom sized to suit any printer.

Other Types of Thermal labels Available at L.G. Business Systems

We have Brother Labels that are compatible to use with Brother software in order to produce the highest quality of labels.

Also, you can choose from the range of synthetic labels if you need extra durable and hard-wearing labels ready to withstand different extreme conditions.

Or, you can choose from our card tags selection, which offers non-adhesive card tags best to use to identify products, pallets, or other items where you don’t want to leave a sticky residue.

All of our thermal label options can be found in different colours with pink, yellow, blue, and orange as the standard colour. If you need a different colour from the standard ones, please contact us to tell us about it, and we will gladly make it custom for you. 

How to Order Thermal Labels?

Please choose your sub-category of labels from the options above, chose the preferred size and colour and place an order. Or, if you have any special requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you out with the choice.