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Thermal Labels

Thermal Labels

Thermal labels are used for applications where labels are required to be printed individually on a regular basis with generally different information on each.  Many industries require these labels to print information such as addresses, barcodes, or product prices and descriptions.  

Depending on the application of the label, there are 2 types of thermal labels that can be used - Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer.

In order to choose the correct label you need to ascertain the following:

1: What will you be printing on the thermal labels?  Just text or high density bar codes?

2: Will the labels be in direct sunlight or heat?

3: Do your labels need to last over 1 year?

4: Do you need to print in colours other than black?

5: Are your labels used on goods travelling long distances?

DIrect Thermal labels are best suggested for short term use.  These labels are heat activated and do not require a ribbon.  Although durable, they can darken over time due to age or exposure to heat or light.  They are genarally not expected to last over a year.  They are used regularly in mailing, small parcel delivery, retail and food industries where long term labelling is not required and goods are mostly kept out of sunlight and heat.

Thermal Transfer labels require a thermal transfer ribbon to be used in the printer with the labels.  The ribbon is a wax carbon which is transferred onto the label when heat is applied from the printer.  Hence the name 'thermal transfer.'  The ribbons can come in many sizes and colours, and the quality is very crisp and hard wearing.  Information that is required to withstand long periods of time on the label are best printed with a thermal transfer ribbon which will guarantee longevity.

We have a large range of thermal labels that are compatible for use in many different printers, such as, Zebra, Epson, Cognitive, Datamax, Brother, Toshiba, Citizen etc. We stock both Thermal Direct (no ribbon required) and Thermal Transfer (ribbon required). Our labels come in either 25mm, 40mm, or 76mm core sizes. The amount of labels per roll can be custom sized to suit any printer.

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