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Continuous Computer Paper

Continuous Computer Paper

Continuous computer paper is often known as 'Dot Matrix Paper', 'Tractor Feed Paper' or 'Continuous Feed Computer Paper'.  It it mainly used with DOS Based computer systems that require duplicate or triplicate copies of forms.  A ribbon is needed in the printer to print the 1st (top) copy, and the hammer effect of the ribbon enables the image to transfer onto the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pages.

The continuous computer paper is available in many sizes including 11’ x 9.5’, 11’ x 15’ and A4 Exact.

Plain white, colour coded, and blue half shadow continuous papers are readily available in 60gsm and 70gsm.

These forms are suitable for use in dot matrix printers and are ideal for use as invoices, statements, or any other form that requires more than one copy. 

We have forms that are software specific, such as Attache, CBA, MYOB, Quicken, Sybiz and many more, so the print will line up within the pre-printed boxes when you create invoices, statements and remittance advice forms.

Forms can be supplied in 1, 2, 3 or 4 part.

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