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Integrated Labels

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Integrated Labels

How to Use integrated labels?

Integrated labels are sheets of standard printer paper that has an adhesive label die-cut into them which creates a form that can be used to integrate the invoicing/packing process with the shipping process. 

The user can print their picking slip/invoice information on the upper section of the sheet while the address labels are printed at the bottom of the sheet all at the same time. This helps to eliminate errors and reduce labour costs, as the whole pick and pack process is done efficiently and effectively in one step.

Instead of having a separate picking slip/invoice and then separate address labels, the user can print the form of A4 integrated labels, peel off the shipping label, place the remaining document (invoice/picking slip) in the package for the customer, seal the box and apply the label, ready for the courier to collect the goods.

Benefits of Integrated Labels

Opting for single or double integrated label paper has lots of benefits. 
Instead of spending time to print two different sheets of paper, one for the slip/invoice and the other for any type of labels, with the integrated labels you cut the printing time in half. 
There is no need to buy separate sheets of paper for printing documents and separate for labels. Both sections are on one sheet. 
Wasting paper in the office unreasonably leads to the need for more paper production which, on the other hand, lead to an increased speed of deforestation. By choosing integrated labels, you are saving one sheet per printing one document. And by choosing L.G. Business Solutions you are leaving a green imprint in the ecosystem as all our paper material is sourced from sustainable resources. 

L.G. Business Systems produces integrated labels that can be a combination of different size or number of labels into a single A4 sheet of paper.

 Integrated Label Applications

The integrated labels forms are ideal for eCommerce sellers, shops, factories, warehouses – in fact, any business that sends out products and requires invoices, picking slips, address labels, etc.  

The integrated labels forms can also be used for business applications such as pharmacy labels, barcode labels, product return labels, marketing labels, logistics labels, shipping label forms and medical labels integrated into an A4 sheet for medical purposes.

Security document labels, vehicle registration labels, loyalty labels, barcoded ID labels, parking permits, or any other application that paper documents are required as well as an adhesive label.

Order Integrated Labels

Apart from our ready-made solutions of integrated labels, our integrated labels forms can also be custom made to suit any size label or position, so if you can't find what you are looking for then please contact our friendly customer service staff at L.G. Business Systems who will discuss your labelling needs.