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Synthetic labels

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Synthetic labels

What Are Synthetic Labels?

Our synthetic labels are created by synthetic fibres and are much more durable and hard-wearing than standard paper labels. 


Why are Synthetic Labels Perfect for Outdoor Use?

They are perfect for use outdoors, where the label needs to be weatherproof or waterproof.

Often plant pots in garden centres are labelled with synthetic labels, as they are subjected to regular watering and are outside in the elements.

Standard paper labels would either disintegrate with repeated water exposure, or fade with the sun's heat and light. Therefore,  the synthetic label is perfect for this application.

Where Else Are Synthetic Labels Used?

Also, synthetic labels are great for use in industries with extreme temperature conditions. They can often withstand use in ovens where temperatures reach over 100 degrees, but can also stay robust and legible in freezing conditions too.   

These labels are very hard wearing and tamperproof, as they will not tear but only stretch. If you try to rip them with your bare hands you will not be able to.

Synthetic labels can be used on applications where oils or chemicals need to be labelled and identified. Standard paper labels that come into contact with such fluids may dissolve, but our synthetic labels will stay robust and not become damaged. 

Often synthetic labels are used on items such as cosmetics bottles, such as shampoos, where the product is constantly getting wet, but also the liquid within the bottle would destroy a standard paper label too.

Our Offer on Synthetic Labels

Synthetic labels from L.G. Business Systems are available in matt, gloss and clear materials and they need a thermal ribbon as they are thermal transfer type of labels. 

If you cannot find the size you are looking for, then please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales staff for a custom quote.