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POS Rolls

POS Rolls

What Is a POS Paper Roll?

Paper POS Roll is a type of paper used in a POS terminal generally for printing invoices, receipts and orders. It has a chemical coating which activates when the heat is applied from the printer head and in that way it develops colour.

It is a great invention as a paper solution that answered the necessity for instant results, instant service in the commerce industry without leaving the customers to wait for a prolonged time in queues. The whole POS system provides the customer with efficiency in terms of time, fast service and immediate receipts.

What are the Benefits of Paper POS Printer Rolls?

POS paper rolls are very easy to use. They are fed into the terminal and once the terminal is connected to the computer, you are able to print the receipt at the moment of purchase and fulfilled transaction.  
Receipt Paper Rolls also offer a transparent way of streamlining all business operations. 

They provide the business owner the opportunity to track and verify all the sales. 
Finally, the POS paper rolls offer versatility in terms of colour, customization and carbonisation.

They can be found in as many colours as the user wants varying from white, and yellow to pink and blue. Also, apart from the ready-made sizes, they can be custom-made to suit the needs of every business.  And, the user can choose whether they will use carbon or carbonless paper solutions. 

Another great feature is that they come in 1, 2 or 3 ply for those customers who need duplicate and triplicate copies, as in the hospitality or retail industry. 

How to measure the POS Roll?

One important note, the POS roll must be measured correctly so that the right size is bought. 

In order to measure a POS roll, you need to measure the width of the roll (the face of the paper that your printer prints on from side to side), then the outer diameter of the roll, and finally the inner diameter of the core. So, an 80mm x 80mm x 12mm roll would mean that the width of the paper is 80mm, the outer diameter of the roll is 80mm, and the inner core is 12mm in diameter.

Paper POS Rolls at L.G. Business Systems?

All of our range of POS paper rolls are Australian made and are suitable to use with a large number of printers. They are also suitable for all types of EFTPOS terminals and we have a variety of sizes available to suit most applications. 

By buying POS register rolls from L.G. Business Systems you are investing in a premium quality imagery, increased speed and reduced costs (by using thermal printer there is no need of ink cartridges or toners that cost a lot). 

Please choose the type of POS paper rolls you need from the subcategory above, Thermal Paper rolls or Bond Paper rolls. For any questions and inquiries, please contact our friendly staff at L.G.Business Systems.