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Carbonless A4 Copy Paper

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Carbonless A4 Copy Paper

Why you need carbonless copy paper?

Do you want to create your own in-house forms? Our Carbonless Copy Paper is an excellent solution for your duplicate or triplicate copy needs, especially if you want to change the text printed on the forms regularly. Also, our white carbonless copy paper is the solution you need when you have a small volume of business forms you want to print.

How do you use carbonless copy paper?

The carbonless copy paper is A4 sheet-fed (not continuous tractor feed) so it can be used in a standard laser printer. This paper does not require the waxy carbon sheet in between the copies to create the image transfer, instead the image transfer is created from the chemical coatings on the paper that react with each other when they touch. Correct loading into the printer is critical to ensure that the product actually works! Each ream is clearly marked with 'image side' so you need to load the paper so that the printer prints on the image side.  

Each sheet prints one at a time, just like standard copy paper.  So you need to adjust your printing quantity to reflect this.  For duplicate copies, you will need to print 2 sheets and for triplicate copies you will need to print 3 sheets.  So to print ten 3 part forms, you would need to ask your printer to print 30 times. 

Once printed, then you can either staple, paper clip or file your copies in a ring binder ready for use.  If filed together you will need to put a piece of cardboard underneath each set to ensure that when written on the images only transfer through to the set you want to use. 

Once pressure is applied to the top copy sheet with a ball point pen for a signature or written text, the image is transferred through onto the second and/or third copies, so that multiple departments/administrators can keep a record of the signed copy.

The applications of carbonless copy paper

Our carbonless copy paper is perfect for use as contracts, warranty forms, application forms, delivery dockets, multipart books etc.
Choose between 2 or 3 part pre-collated carbonless copy paper forms to be run from one tray in your printer, or keep each colour separate by running them from different paper trays.