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Card tags

Card tags

Why Do You Need a Card Tag?

If you want to identify pallets, products or other items that you do not want a sticky label residue to be left on, you are in need for a non-adhesive card tag form L.G. Business Systems. 

Our Stock of Card Tags

We stock a range of non-adhesive card tags - both thermal direct, thermal transfer and synthetic stock, for use in any thermal printer.

Perfect for use as pallet tags, they can be stapled, tied, or placed in plastic covers to differentiate pallets and their internal items.

Our synthetic stocks are perfect for card tags that need to be dipped in water or sprayed.  Also, for garden centres with plants that are watered regularly. 

The information printed on the tag will stay legible on the synthetic stock for as long as required.

Available as die cut tags of different sizes, or continuous rolls that the user can cut to whatever size they require.

How To Order Card Tags?

Choose the type of card you want from the other categories, be it Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer or Synthetic Labels and place an order.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our friendly sales staff for a quote on a custom made product, or to help you out with any questions you have.