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Thermal Ribbons

Thermal Ribbons

What is a Thermal Transfer Technology?

Thermal Transfer Technology is the printing process of labels in thermal printers with the use of thermal ribbons. Thermal transfer printing is not possible without thermal transfer ribbons.

The ribbon is a wax carbon which is transferred onto the label when the heat is applied from the printer. With their use, hard-wearing, crisp and high-quality labels are printed.

Which Thermal Transfer Ribbon Is Right for You?

When choosing thermal ribbons, you need to consider both the type of label stock you are printing onto but also the application of how your labels will be used. Whether it be for long distance transporting of goods, or as a barcode label, or as a product information label?

Wax thermal ribbons are used as a standard general purpose ribbon that can be used on paper label stocks. They are designed to print well and at a high speed in a general range of printers.  

Wax resin thermal ribbons are a slightly higher quality formulation for printing barcodes that need to be durable and long lasting.  Great for both paper and synthetic stocks.

Resin thermal ribbons are the most durable and provide the ultimate resistance against rubbing and scratching. They can be used on any material at high speed.

Benefits of Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer printing produces high quality prints and consistent as well as reliable images on the labels. The labels are much more durable than the direct thermal printing and will last for a much longer time. 

It is also cost-effective, even though there is the added cost of buying thermal ribbons, it pays off in the long run by being fast, less problematic for maintenance and it offers unlimited print media choices. 

Our Offer on Thermal Ribbons

We have a large range of thermal ribbons Australia wide that are suitable for use in printers such as Zebra, Epson, Cognitive, Datamax, Brother, Toshiba, Citizen etc.


They are also available in different colours, and if you cannot find the size you require we can custom make them suit your requirements.

Please choose your sub-category of the best quality thermal ribbons from the options above.

What Are the Different Layers of a Thermal Transfer Ribbon?

Please also check which way your ribbon needs to be wound in the printer - whether it is carbon side out (CSO) or carbon side in (CSI).

If you have any problems in choosing, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at L.G. Business Systems and we will help you out.