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Coloured labels

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Coloured labels

Our Range of Coloured Labels

We have a range of coloured labels available for our Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer and Synthetic labels.

Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange are standard colours - however if you require a different colour we can make this specially for you.

Choose the label type you require - direct thermal or thermal transfer - then choose your coloured label!

How to Choose the Right Type of Coloured Labels?

To choose the label type you need please ascertain the following:
1. What will you be printing on the thermal label - just text or high density bar codes?
If the answer is just text, go for direct thermal, if it is high density bar codes, go for thermal transfer or synthetic.
2. Will the labels be in direct sunlight or heat?
If yes, go for thermal transfer or synthetic labels.
3. Do your labels need to last over 1 year?
If yes, choose thermal transfer or synthetic.
4. Do you need to print in colours other than black?
If no, choose direct thermal; if yes, choose thermal transfer or synthetic.
5. Are your labels used on goods travelling long distances?
If yes, choose thermal transfer or synthetic.
6. Do you need the labels to withstand the elements?
If yes, opt for synthetic labels. 

Please, contact us on 1300 134 681 or email: if you have any inquiries regarding your order.