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Thermal Transfer labels

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Thermal Transfer labels

What Are Thermal Transfer Labels?

Thermal Transfer Labels are thermal labels that need a thermal ribbon to be printed with. The ribbon is a wax carbon which is transferred onto the label when heat is applied from the printer. Hence the name 'thermal transfer.'

The ribbons can come in many sizes and colours, and the quality is very crisp and hard wearing. As a result the printed label is of high quality, durable and long-lasting.

Our quality Thermal Transfer Labels are guaranteed to work every time in any thermal printer. 

What Are the Features of Thermal Transfer Labels?

Thermal transfer labels are best to use when you need to print information that is required to withstand long periods of time on the label. Such examples are barcodes or product information that need to last over 2 years of print-life. 

Our thermal transfer labels have a semi-gloss finish which gives a professional and crisp look. Also, they are available in permanent adhesive and removable adhesive.

Permanent adhesive will ensure that your labels will stick to boxes etc. for goods delivery and will not come off in transit. In fact, if you try to remove a Thermal Transfer label with permanent adhesive, you will find that the label will tear and will leave a sticky residue on the box. It is very evident if these labels have been tampered with.  

There are many sizes available, with a variety of cores and number of labels per roll to choose from.

Why Choose Thermal Transfer Labels from L.G. Business Systems?

Because our Thermal Transfer Labels are eco-friendly as they are made with paper material sourced from Sustainable Forestry plantations and all of them are PEFC Certified.

Since 1989, L.G. Business Systems invests only in premium quality and employing talented Australians to create an rewarding solution of paper office stationery.