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Perforated paper

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Perforated paper

What is perforated paper used for?

Our A4 perforated paper is the same as standard A4 copy paper but has one or more perforations across each sheet. The paper can be inserted into a standard laser or inkjet printer or photocopier, and each sheet can be printed on as normal. The user can then tear apart the sections along the perforation lines as required.

L.G. Business Systems offers premium quality perforated papers that can be used to create a professional look of the office and delivery paper stationery including invoices and receipts, coupons and gift certificates, event tickets, business cards, postcards, name tags etc.  

It can also be used as an invoice, statement, ticket, pay advice slip, remittance advice, company memo, brochure, or consignment note etc.  
As the perforations across the sheet can be made according to the user’s preferences, the custom perforated paper can be used for anything the user desires.

How can the perforated paper be used?

For example, if the paper is being used as a delivery docket the details can be printed on the form, and then when the delivery driver takes the goods to the customer, he can sign the form either side of the perforated section and then tear the form along the perforation line. 

One section can be given to the customer as their proof of delivery of the goods, and the delivery driver can keep his section to return to the office as his proof that the delivery was made.  This section can be then filed away for record-keeping.

What are the A4 perforated paper options to choose from?

All stock is standard as plain white or blue/beige and is 80gsm in weight. 

If the standard perforated paper stock lines that we have available are not suitable for your purpose, then we can also perforate in any position or on any colour stock if required. So we can custom make the form for you with the perforations wherever you require them.