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Pay Envelopes & Folding Machines

Pay Envelopes & Folding Machines

What Are Pay Envelopes?

Pay envelopes are a safe way of distributing the pay to the staff by keeping their private details secure and protected.

They represent a confidential way of providing the employees with the information and details of their pay and at the same time are rather cost-efficient and fast way for the employer to print them in the company’s offices. 

What Are the Benefits of Pre-Printed Pay Envelopes?

The pay envelopes are secure, confidential and safe holders of the employees’ pay details. In addition, they produce less paper waste as there is no need of separate envelopes, the documents itself wraps into an envelope, plus it has a safety hatching area that covers the private details form the outside. 

What Types of Pay Envelopes Are Available at L.G. Business Systems?

We have A4 laser pay envelopes and continuous pay envelopes available as Self-Seal, Peel & Seal and Pressure Seal. All of the pay envelopes eliminate the need for inserting pay details into separate envelopes and sticking address labels on them.

This is makes them extra beneficial as they cut labour time in half and cut the costs. 

To order the preferred type, please chose from the type of pay envelopes above. If you have any problems or questions regarding your order, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff.