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Continuous pay envelopes

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Continuous pay envelopes

Continuous Pay Envelopes at L.G. Business Systems

Our continuous pay envelopes can be used in all dot matrix printers and come as either a generic form that can be used with any software package, or as a software specific pay envelope that is pre-printed.
These envelopes have a security hatching on the front and back so that pay details cannot be seen through the paper. 

There is a glue around the edge of all continuous pay envelopes which makes it very evident if the form has been tampered with.
Also, some of these envelopes have a sealable pocket that can be used to insert cash or cheques.

Why are continuous pay envelopes particularly great to use?

These forms are great to use when large data run of pay information need to be printed. For businesses with hundreds of employees, this method is still one of the most timely and cost effective to use.

Also, they provide several copies of the same form so that a copy can be kept internally as a record of the employees pay details, and then the remaining copies can be given to the employee.