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Product Code: UNI-83

Compatible with Universal, IMS, Attache, Arrow, and CBA software packages

3 part continuous pay envelope - sealed

140mm deep x 241mm wide

1000 forms per box

For use in dot matrix (tractor feed) printers, the user can quickly and efficiently employee print pay advice envelopes whilst using their Universal, IMS, Attache, Arrow, or CBA  software .  Great for use when long continuous reports of data are required. 

The employee will receive a pay envelope that has a blank space on the front and security hatching on the back. When printed through the dot matrix printer, the first ply of the form is removed and kept by the payroll office for their internal record of the employees pay details.  The employee is then given the 2nd and 3rd copy only, which has security hatching on the front and back, so their details cannot be viewed.  They must tear away the perforated margins at the sided of the envelope in order to open it and then they can view their details on the inside.  


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