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Product Code: R297

Rediform Pay Advice Envelope - suitable for most software packages

3 parts

140mm deep x 241mm wide

1000 forms per box

For use in dot matrix (tractor feed) printers, the user can quickly and efficiently print employee pay advice envelopes whilst using their chosen software package.

The first copy of the pay envelope enables the payee to print the employee's details and keep this copy as an internal record.  

The employee will then receive a 2ply form that is sealed around all four edges.  The 1st copy only shows the employee's contact details - the actual wage details are not visble on the front of the sheet.  The form also has a D-Tape at the side which can be folded over and sealed if the payee wants to place cash or cheques inside the envelope.

Once the envelope is opened the pay details are visible on the inside copy.  However they cannot be viewed from the back due to the security hatching that is used.



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