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A4 laser pay envelopes

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A4 laser pay envelopes

Our A4 laser pay envelopes are compatible with most accounting software packages including MYOB, Attache, Quicken  and Rockfast, ensuring that your pay details are printed within the parameters of the security hatching area. The forms are confidential and secure – protecting both you and your employee.

Available in Self-Seal, Peel & Seal, and Pressure Seal.

Each pay envelope can be printed in a laser or inkjet printer/photocopier and then can either be sealed by folding the form over and applying pressure to the self seal adhesive around the edge, or removing the peelable outer label to expose the adhesive and then fold the form over on itself. 

Our pressure seal pay envelopes are specifically for use in a PS8 or PS-2500 Pressure Seal Folding Machine. The forms have narrow bands of pressure-sensitive adhesive around the edge of the form, so when they are inserted into the pressure-seal folding machine they are securely sealed and ready to be posted or distributed internally.

The pay envelopes all eliminate the need for inserting pay details into separate envelopes and sticking address labels on them. They cut labour time in half and they also cut costs.