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Resin ribbons

Resin ribbons

What Are Resin Thermal Ribbons?

The Resin Thermal Ribbons are made of resin which is extremely beneficial for the printing of labels that are to perform well in exclusively harsh conditions including corrosive, with high temperature, abrasive, moist and with other demanding applications.

What Are Resin Ribbons Perfect to Use For?

They are recommended to use with super high gloss labels as well as with synthetic labels. Also, for extreme labelling such as hazardous drum labelling. These labels will have a long life and will perform extremely well. 

They are ideal for long-term outdoor use, where the image will not scratch off even if abrasive materials are rubbed against it, or extremes in temperature occur.

For long distance transportation of goods, a resin ribbon will ensure that the printed information will not scratch off, even if the goods are rubbing against one another in a truck. 

How to Order Resin Thermal Ribbons?

We have a large range of resin ribbons that are suitable for use in printers such as Zebra, Epson, Cognitive, Datamax, Brother, Toshiba, Citizen etc.  If you cannot find the size you require or the colour, we can custom make them to suit your requirements.

Please also check which way your ribbon needs to be wound in the printer - whether it be carbon side out (CSO) or carbon side in (CSI).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our friendly sales team.