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Wax ribbons

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Wax ribbons

What Are Wax Thermal Ribbons?

Wax Thermal Ribbons are the most economical solution you can get and they are suitable for general prints on labels. They are recommended for short-term use of the labels, however, they still have superior abrasion, excellent print quality on coated and uncoated paper and are resistant to some scratching.

They are made of wax which means their melting point is rather low, so it must be made sure that a lower heat setting is adjusted before you printing. In this way, it will still be possible to achieve fast printing. 

What Are Wax Ribbons Perfect to Use For?

Our wax ribbons are perfect for use on coated and uncoated paper label stocks. They give good print quality on high speed applications.

Used predominantly for short-term labelling, they are still scratch resistant and can withstand some outdoor usage.

Wax thermal ribbons are designed to be used as a general purpose ribbon producing a high quality print. General text and barcodes are still printed perfectly well with this type of ribbon. In addition, they are excellent for shipping labels, labelling of cartons, retail tags and different kinds of print and apply applications. 

How to Order Wax Thermal Ribbons?

Choose the appropriate size of the wax thermal ribbon you need and make sure you need carbon side out (CSO) or carbon side in (CSI) type of ribbon.

Choose the quantity and place the offer. If you are still having some troubles ordering, please, reach out to our friendly staff at L.G. Business Systems and we will gladly help you out.