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Library labels

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Library labels

L.G. Business Systems provides the perfect size labels to use in your library!  The labels can either be stuck on the top or bottom corners of the books, or on the spines for easy recognition. 

Each size of library label comes in white and 10 colours, so you can easily sort your library books by using a different colour label to signify the genre.  

Then identify the genre by printing your own pictures on the labels!

The coloured labels make it much easier for students to find books in the genre they like and also it makes it easier for helpers to shelve the books too.

The labels are also available in a removable adhesive so that no sticky residue is left on the books and won't damage them over time.

Our Australian made library labels are made for use in laser and inkjet printers/photocopiers so that you can produce your own professional labels easily! They are manufactured to the highest standard with top quality adhesives to ensure that your labels stick every time. 

Our paper has been sourced from Sustainable Forestry Plantations and our materials are PEFC Certified.

The chemicals used to produce these labels are FDA and BfR approved, thus making them safe to use in the food and medical industries.

The outer box that the labels are packaged in is also recyclable.