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Box of 1000 vinyl disposable keytags - KRV160 LARGE

Available in white/yellow

Tag size: 160mm x 40mm

Free permanent marker pen included

Each pack of keytags comes in a sealable storage box, so they can be kept securely together. 

They can be easily thread through any type of key, removing the need for metal rings.  And with self-locking features, they will stay securely in place until you decide to remove them. Just pull each tag away from the sheet that it is positioned on, push the arrow head through the key hole and bring back on itself through the designated keytag hole with custom a slit to ensure easy threading and twist to enable the self-locking feature.  This will create a loop securing the keytag to the key.  

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Vinyl Disposable Keytags Box of 1000 tags - KRV160

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