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CPO (plain continuous computer paper)

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 CPO (plain continuous computer paper)

What is continuous copy paper?

Continuous copy paper is a feed paper used in dot matrix (tractor feed) printers. At L.G. business Systems, our range of continuous computer paper enables the user to quickly and efficiently print any type of report or financial document.  Great for use when long continuous reports of data are required.

Also, this paper has the benefit of being available as 1 ply, 2ply, 3ply or 4ply, so when several copies are required the printer automatically creates such copies through the image transfer of the ribbon and hammer effect through the paper.

What is the size of continuous paper?

The continuous computer paper is available in many sizes including 11’ x 9.5’, 11’ x 15’ and A4 Exact.
Plain white, colour coded, and blue half shadow continuous papers are readily available in 60gsm and 70gsm.

These sheets all come as plain white, or if in duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate copies, there will be colour coded margins or actual different colour sheets for each copy.
There is no pre-printed layout on these products, so any kind or report or data can be printed easily without the worry of it not lining up!

Most products have tear away tractor feed sprocket holes, so after feeding through the printer and printing the data, the sprocket hole margins can be torn away, giving a sharp professional look.

Is continuous paper eco-friendly?

All of our paper products are PEFC certified and ethically sourced from Sustainable Forestry Plantations.
All paper is tested and inspected for total quality control, ensuring the highest standard of cleanliness, moisture control and perfect finish.