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CASES 21 labels

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CASES 21 labels

Do you want labels that line up?!

Our Cases 21 labels have been specifically designed to get a perfect fit and print everytime!  No more labels that cut off the print half way down!  Saving time and frustration! 

For use with the Cases 21 software system, any school who prints family labels, student name labels, student home group labels, employee address labels, name labels and future student labels will need to buy from us! 

Our Cases 21 labels are guaranteed to work everytime.  They have a permanent adhesive so will not fall off any documentation. Our labels are made from the highest quality paper stock and have a strong glue to ensure constant stickyness.     

Available in 4 layouts - 3 x 10 (2 x kinds), 3 x 8, 2 x 7

All available in white and 6 fluoro colours (green, yellow, red, orange, blue and pink)

Our matt label stock can be used in any laser or inkjet printer or photocopier. 

All of our labels are Australian made to the highest standards and quality and we have been employing talented Australians since 1989.  

Our paper has been sourced from Sustainable Forestry Plantations and our materials are PEFC Certified.

The chemicals used to produce these labels are FDA and BfR approved, thus making them safe to use in the food and medical industries.

The outer box that the labels are packaged in is also recyclable.