Pay Envelopes

Pay Envelopes Types in LG Business Systems

When it comes to safely distributing your staffs pay to ensure their details are protected, it is of essential importance that all the information is kept private and confidential between the employer and the employee. For that purpose, there are pay envelopes that are completely secure and can be printed in a laser or inkjet…

Integrated Business Card

Integrated Business Cards and Their Purpose

When it comes to advertising your brand at expos, fairs and other marketing events, spreading the word for your company is of essential importance.  One way of achieving this is by distributing a business card to the interested parties. Whilst a business card contains only the general information (the name of the company and the…

Disposable Keytags Australia

Disposable Key Tags: Different Uses and Specifications

LG Business Systems offers a variety of disposable key tags made of vinyl. Vinyl is a synthetic material that is very strong and long-lasting, is moisture resistant and withstands rust and corrosion.  More Information about Vinyl Vinyl was invented in the 1920s resulting in a material that was durable, cheap and easier to make than…

LG Business Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands: General Info, Properties and Uses

Tyvek wristbands are the ideal solution for events in which organising and grouping of people are necessary. They are a small but powerful organisational item that prompts safety and easy identification. Made of Tyvek, a strong, durable and waterproof material, the wristbands are virtually impossible to break or tear.

Continuous Computer Paper

Different Types and Sizes of Continuous Computer Paper Available at LG Business Systems

Also known as Dot Matrix Computer Paper, Continuous Forms and Listing Paper, Continuous Computer Paper is printed in dot matrix printers and used as invoices, statements, packing slips, real estate trust account receipts,  Weigh Bridge paper, passenger manifest paper, transport consignment notes, temperature control paper, medical forms, cheques, medical forms, remittance advice, pay advice envelopes…

Zebra Printer Ribbon

Types of Thermal Ribbons and Their Uses

In order to print on thermal transfer labels, your printer will need a thermal ribbon which is a wax carbon transferred onto the label when the heat is applied from the printer. This results in a permanent, crisp print which is very durable and ensures the long life of labels even when they are exposed…

Shelf Labels

Shelf Labels and Tags: Uses, Benefits and Other Information

To clearly display the products on the shelves of your stores you need either thermal tags on rolls or A4 perforated sheets of shelf labels or tags. These cut to size labels are used widely across different industries in the world. Their use enables the streamline of critical business tasks including organising offices, sending mail and packages as well as identifying products.

Thermal Labels Suppliers

The Lowdown on Thermal Labels

Historical Background The first production of thermal paper dates back to the 1960s when the NCR Corporation and 3M developed the first type of thermal paper using dye chemistry and metallic salts. Later, the company Texas Instruments invented the thermal print head (1965) and the computer terminal with a thermal printer named the Silent 700…

POS Rolls

Everything You Need to Know about POS Rolls

In today’s technologically advanced world, business’ in all industries  need to keep up with the latest trends in order to continue developing and to make a profit. As more and more customers are paying with cards these days, businesses need to cater to electronic transactions. One of the ways to facilitate this process is the…

Integrated Labels

General Information about Integrated Labels

We have discussed previously the purpose of labels and the important role they play in your business including the successful completion of the mailing process. Today, we will discuss Integrated Labels, their uses and how they can be a benefit to your business. The term integrated  describes the type of the label form used.  The label…