Everything You Need to Know about the Paper Folding Machine

As a business manager, you are always looking for ways to cut the costs, be it in the labour, time or money sector. Working in a big company means spending a lot of resources so everything can have a smooth flow of action. This also includes the way employees’ payment is handled. Since many of the companies use payment envelopes to safely distribute the salary, there is a lot of work to be done when money and documentation are prepared in the accounting department. That is why the paper folding machine has facilitated the process to a great extent. Here is how.

Payment Envelopes and Folding Machines

The payment envelopes are usually available as Self-Seal, Peel & Seal and Pressure Seal are an excellent way to distribute the salary to the employees as they eliminate the need for outing details into separate envelopes and sticking labels on them. They enable you to cut the costs in half when it comes to extra costs for separate envelopes. Also, they provide security and privacy and contain all the important information about the payment period.

There are also continuous pay packet envelopes that apart from payment information, they can contain money as well if necessary. Nothing can be seen from the outside, which makes them completely private and secure and they are ideal to use in big companies with a great number of employees and when there is need to fit a lot of information on the document.

The payment envelopes need to be folded and sealed and in a company with lots of employees, doing this by hand could take lots of time, time which would be better used for completing other tasks. Instead, using a paper folding machine is the right thing to do. They will increase productivity and reduce labour costs.  

Benefits of the Paper Folding Machine

paper folding machine


Paper Folding machines are fast. They can fold and seal much more envelopes than even the fastest packers doing it manually. In fact, whereas most experiences packers can finish about a couple of hundred envelopes per hour, the paper folding machine can do 1300 per hour. And this is only the entry level paper folding machines.


Folding and sealing the envelopes in the exact same way is impossible if it is done manually. This is not the case with the paper folding machine. There is no missing items, crooked folds, addresses not aligned correctly in the window, etc. with the paper folding machine. The machine is consistent and folds and seals the envelopes in the exact same way.


There is no room for mistakes such as mixing letters with the paper folding machine. In fact, most of the modern folding machines are equipped with advanced security features that help reduce the chances of mistakes. For example, they have double-document detection properties and barcode matching features.


Investing in a paper folding machine will certainly pay off in the long run. It will greatly reduce the manual labour and it will cut the costs in half. Therefore, having one is of essential importance when it comes to tackling payment methods in big companies.